Travel Writing

Fueling the messaging power of your website with fresh perspectives and new story ideas

Despite a surge in travel-themed webpages, high-quality travel writing is hard to come by. There are hundreds of travel stories written by bloggers, but when you read them, they have all done the same things. There are is also an endless stream of destination descriptions, but while those sometimes make a good job identifying things to see, they usually lack the appeal to make readers want to find out more about a place.

Compelling travel writing sweeps the reader right off his chair and takes him to a world he is eager to explore. Supported by powerful visuals, travel-themed copy can be the key stimulus that ultimately makes online strangers become your customers. Specifically targeted to your audience and using proven techniques, we are telling the stories that capture the attention of website and blog users and fuel their interest in what you have to offer.   

Bringing new perspectives, unique story angles and a constantly fresh flow of good content into your blog is a great way to make your visitor numbers and interaction rates skyrocket.

Our service portfolio includes options for one-time solutions, i.e. content supporting your messaging for special occasions or to promote a particular offer. Our package options, available both as short-term and long-term subscriptions, give you the opportunity to continuously increase traffic to your site and improve conversion rates. Contact us - we will be happy to provide you with a sample.

We can also help you optimize existing content on your website to reach more visitors. And if you want to use your social media channels more efficiently, make sure to check out our content creation services. 

Travel writing packages for your website or blog


Promotional package


Campaign package


Quarterly package

Blog copy, social media content and a matching press release to promote your special offer or event


Blog or website copy and content for a themed offer or program, for sustained, continuous use over a defined period of time


A steady flow of articles for regular blog updates to make full use of its marketing and sales potential







Customers receive files containing all copy and images (if applicable) and may use content at any time. Customers may provide guidelines on issues to be covered and on style and tone of content. Individually tailored packages are also available upon request. 
All deliverables in English. Postings in German are also available.